• What we do

    We conduct regular workshops, seminars and counseling sessions for students, families, professionals and advisors. We also conduct corporate HR programs to increase financial literacy among employees...

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  • For Students

    According to us, it is never too early to learn about financial planning. Financial skills are as important as other skills and qualities like hard work, honesty and punctuality...

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  • For Families & Professionals

    For an individual investor, financial literacy is the understanding that money is actually a tool that needs to be used well to lead the desired life...

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  • For Advisors

    We believe that we are living in an extremely dynamic world. We have designed workshops for financial advisors in order to help them stay up to date ...

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  • For Organizations


    We conduct HR programs for corporates to make employees more informed about financial planning and its benefits...

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How much life insurance cover do you have?

None - 17%
Upto 10 lakhs - 25.5%
10-50 lakhs - 21.3%
Above 50 lakhs - 29.8%

Total votes: 47
The voting for this poll has ended on: January 1, 2015
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