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Most of us switch off the moment a financial agent, advisor or bank starts using financial jargon and offers us financial products which we do not understand. It is a monologue in which conditions are read out, false promises are made and incomplete information is passed on. In order to put an end to their lengthy sentences, we tend to blindly give in to their recommendations or opt out of the financial planning process all together.

We wish to change this monologue to a dialogue because we believe that you deserve a say in your financial decisions. It is with this insight that THE FINANCIAL ALPHABET (TFA) came into being.

TFA is part of International Money Matters (IMM), one of the most respected and award winning financial advisories in the country. For further details on our parent company please log on to www.immpl.com.

What we do:
Our tagline: “Talk about money”, aims to encourage you to ask the right questions so that you feel financially secure and independent. TFA is here to be your friend and guide in order enable you to invest in solutions that are best suited to your needs.

We conduct regular workshops, seminars and counseling sessions for students, families, professionals and advisors. We also conduct corporate HR programs to increase financial literacy among employees.

Why us?
  • TFA is a firm that believes solely in increasing financial literacy among individuals.
  • We think everyone should have a say in his or her financial decisions. But for that to happen, one needs some basic knowledge about financial products and planning. We are here to provide the same.

Please note that TFA does not promote any financial product or vendor.

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