Our “Learn About Money” Program for Families & Professionals

Traditionally, a typical investor had fixed deposits, risk-free government-backed securities or traditional insurance. But now, with increasing disposable incomes, investing in financial assets is being considered a good option to grow one’s wealth. It has become very important for an individual to understand the basics of investing – the products, the dynamics affecting the product like markets, economics and politics and more importantly one’s own circumstances - so that one is financially secure in good times and bad.

For an individual investor, financial literacy is the understanding that money is actually a tool that needs to be used well to lead the desired life, with a home, good education for one’s children and a comfortable retirement. It tells you the pitfalls of the ‘buy now, pay later’ marketing gimmicks by credit card brands. It also helps you separate the wheat from the chaff when an agent is making a pitch for a financial product.

One of the biggest advantages of being financially literate is the understanding that to get high returns one needs to be prepared to withstand high risk. This is the first step in getting financially savvy and staying miles away from frauds and scams.

If you wish to be financially independent, join us for a workshop in your city, Conducted in groups of 35-40.

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