Our “Learning never stops” Program for Advisors

At The Financial Alphabet, we believe that we are living in an extremely dynamic world. We have designed workshops for financial advisors in order to help them stay up to date with the market offerings, enhance their knowledge and gain practical insights in dealing with their customers.

As you know, the range of financial products that are available to investors today is vast. While this is great from a consumer’s perspective, there is no doubt that this has simultaneously increased the complexity of decision-making around even the most basic of financial products. Moreover, technology and internet has greatly increased access to financial products and services that requires consumers to be properly schooled in their use and limitations. All this necessitates hand holding of the customer and educating him financially through the advisor who is the bridge between products & their features, and consumers & their needs.

Therefore it is necessary for an advisor today to not only be equipped with knowledge on the latest products, but also understand investor psyche and profile, to help them take the right decisions.

We have an array of programs and workshops for financial advisors seeking to guide individuals with their financial needs. We conduct workshops on topics ranging from relationship management, personal skills, investor psyche, prevailing trends, to new products on the horizon for forums of independent advisors or for advisors of a mutual fund or life insurance company.

Qualified trainers with experience in the field of personal finance, who understand both products and investor psychology, will guide advisors in technical as well as behavioral aspects.

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